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Reunify and support families.

The conclusion of an incident results in the reunification of families in a safe and strategic location.

School reunification is the process of safely returning students to their parents or guardians after an emergency or disaster. In the event of an emergency, schools may need to evacuate students to a safe location. Once it is determined that it is safe for students to return to school, the school reunification process begins. Schools should have accurate and up-to-date contact information for all students and their families, and clear procedures in place for communicating with parents and guardians during the reunification process.

It is also important to connect families with trauma support services for the short and long-term care of those affected. 


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Zero is possible.

A day when schools are free from violence is possible if we continue to work together as a community to build new ideas, drive innovation and investment. ZeroNow is committed to making this a reality — and maintaining a safer future for campuses to once again be one of the safest places for students to thrive.
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