Path to Safer Schools

A guide to make schools safer for good.

These holistic seven steps are designed to make zero school violence a reality. Each step offers key insights, curated resources, as well as access to our expert partners in the growing ZeroNow Community.

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Together, we will make schools safer for good.

Join the movement to share new ideas, drive innovation, and secure resources to fund school safety like never before. Together, we'll provide schools with the most effective means for preventing harm, with our Path to Safer Schools.

No one is as effective as all of us.

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As pioneers and creators of education safety technology and programs, we have the responsibility to work towards finding new ways to prevent harmful events, more quickly mitigate the scope of harm and ultimately achieve the complete absence of harm to our most valuable asset. 

Through alliance we have the potential to align around one bold and simple goal. Now we must come together as one to achieve zero.

we will make
schools safer
for good.
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We operate under a Collective Impact Model with one common goal.

We bring together stakeholders with a common agenda of solving the school safety epidemic once and for all.

We all have a stake in keeping students safe

"We need to know they're safe. That's our #1 priority. So help us get there."

— Tori Spelling, Mother

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Explore the Path to Zero.

Join us in our pursuit to make schools safer for good.

Let's merge our passion for change, our relentless pursuit of innovation, and the calling to create safe and inspiring environments for our youth. Together, we can develop the ability see around corners to create the level of school safety we need now, and maintain it well into the future.

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