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WEBINAR: Safety Drills and Exercises for Schools

ZeroNow Winter 2023 Technology Innovation Showcase

WEBINAR: Cyber Risks for Security Infrastructure

"Using technology to prevent school violence" - Intrado's Brian Toolan

Grav I.T., maker of the A.S.R.S Active Shooter Response System, Joins ZeroNow for Safer Schools

ZeroNow Announces New Online Community for School Safety Stakeholders

Konica Minolta Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Foster Safer Schools

WEBINAR: Automating Emergency Response- Mitigating Harm

"A new model for active shooter prevention" with Chris Grollnek

ZeroNow Fall Technology Innovation Showcase

Kokomo24/7® Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Make Schools Safer

"Using proactive video security to prevent harm" with Martin Renkis from Johnson Controls

WEBINAR: Active Shooter Prevention: Mental & Cultural Health Approaches

Pioneering school safety technology with Omnilert co-founder Ara Bagdasarian

A public health approach to gun violence prevention with Brown University's Dr. Megan Ranney

WEBINAR: Lessons Learned from Uvalde

WEBINAR: Funding School Safety with New Grants Available Now

EdTech for School Safety with Robert Iskander from GG4L

WEBINAR: The Future of Campus Law Enforcement

ZeroNow Experience at IACLEA Conference

ZeroNow at Campus Safety Conference 2022 East

USA Software Joins ZeroNow School Safety Alliance

Cyber hygiene and school safety with Antoinette King

WEBINAR: The Future of Video Surveillance Technology

ZeroNow Welcomes Navigate360 to School Safety Alliance

The evolution and future of campus safety with S. Daniel Carter

Mutualink Connects with ZeroNow for School Safety

WEBINAR: The Future of Emergency Notification Systems

Johnson Controls Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Make Schools Safer

Carolinas School Gun Violence Prevention & Mitigation Forum

WEBINAR: Hazing Prevention.

Credo Cyber Consulting Joins ZeroNow

Nonprofit Protect Students Abroad Joins ZeroNow

ZeroNow Alliance to Advance Campus Safety Opens Membership

WEBINAR: Be Prepared: Proactive Emergency Communications

Telos CEO John Wood discusses securing security systems on campus

Campus Safety Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Make Schools Safer

WEBINAR: Protecting Campus from Cyber Threats

WEBINAR: The Future of Active Shooter Response

Jonathan Kassa discusses the importance of a community-oriented safety approach for schools and campuses.


WEBINAR: The Future of Active Shooter Prevention Protocols

Bob Jensen discusses effective communications before, during, and after an emergency


WEBINAR: The Future of Active Shooter Prevention Technology

NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education partners with ZeroNow to make schools safer

Member News

ZeroNow Launches Live Webinars with Campus Safety Experts

COVID-19 & Campus Safety Q&A with Dr. Megan Ranney

Campus Safety

Jessica Mertz from Clery Center discusses campus safety as a community responsibility


End-of-Summer Crunch Time for Ed Tech Teams

ZeroNow joins national organizations to endorse the REACH Act

ZeroNow partners recognized in Secure Campus 2021 Awards

Member News

Omnilert CEO Dave Fraser discusses using Artificial Intelligence for campus safety


The Clery Act isn’t just about criminal threats

Campus Safety

The most important minute


Safety pioneers join forces to make campuses secure


Bruce Canal from Axis Communications discusses a holistic approach to campus and school safety


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