We advocate for policy that proactively prioritizes safety on campuses and schools.

All too often, safety is funded as a reaction to catastrophic incidents. We need to shift our thinking from a reactive to proactive approach.

Investment Initiatives

ZeroNow is focused on driving the conversation around safer schools and campuses through increased awareness, funding, and implementation of advanced safety technology and programming. We offer policymakers opportunities to learn about the latest advancements in education safety. This is accomplished via:

Grant Assistance

Risk-assessment-based grant assistance and management through ZeroNow Partners to secure funding for school safety initiatives.

Policymaker Forums

ZeroNow hosted events designed to facilitate a dialogue towards creating safer learning environments.


Providing insight on safety trends and advancements to inform policy and directives that impact campus safety.

Join us as one unified voice and one movement to get us to zero.

Let's merge our passion for change, our relentless pursuit of innovation, and the calling to create safe and inspiring environments for our youth. Together, we can develop the ability see around corners to create the level of school safety we need now, and maintain it well into the future.

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