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Credo Cyber Consulting Joins ZeroNow

ZeroNow, the industry alliance formed to drive ideas, innovation, and investment to advance school safety, has announced a new partnership with Credo Cyber Consulting. The two organizations share the goal of proactively preventing harm through collective impact to establish a higher level of safety in schools and universities.

“Schools can be soft targets for cyber criminals,” said ZeroNow Founder and Board President Ara Bagdasarian. “Credo Cyber Consulting brings critical knowledge to the ZeroNow alliance that will help prepare schools to avoid the breaches and hacks that can lead to stolen identities, destroyed records, hijacked website and ultimately shut a school down. We are pleased to welcome Credo as a partner.”

Credo Cyber Consulting specializes in cyber and physical security consulting and training, with the goal of protecting important assets through education and a culture of security. Customized cybersecurity training programs will provide a staff with the tools it needs to take cyber and data privacy to a new level. Credo’s K-12 Cyber Awareness programs offer cyber hygiene training to students and faculty, and cybersecurity seminars to parents.

“As a 22 year security veteran, securing the education sector has always been a passion of mine,” said Credo Cyber Consulting Founder Antoinette King, PSP, DPPS, SICC, CMMC-RP. “Working with organizations that have similar values and mission is important to me and my company.”

ZeroNow was founded by technology partners Axis Communications, Johnson Controls, Omnilert and Telos Corporation, the Additional agency, along with campus safety nonprofit partners the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), NASPA (the Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), Campus Safety Magazine and VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

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