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Grav I.T., maker of the A.S.R.S Active Shooter Response System, Joins ZeroNow for Safer Schools

Grav I.T. is a women-owned business focused on saving seconds that could save lives in a school shooting. Its solutions are modular and customizable to supplement its clients’ Active Threat Programs.

ZeroNow announced today that Grav I.T. LLC, maker of the A.S.R.S Active Shooter Response System, has joined ZeroNow for safer schools.

A woman-owned small business headquartered in Gravette, Arkansas, Grav I.T.’s innovative, hardened steel, dual-authenticated smart vaults are the only vaults of their kind. They provide secure storage of self-defense tools, plus mass notification. In seconds, Grav I.T.’s system sends an identifying picture of the person activating the unit to enrolled responders. Its product family includes a hardened smart vault system with credential and biometric readers and a duress switch to immediately alert enrolled contacts of an emergency.

“Grav I.T. brings a new perspective to the ZeroNow alliance,” said Ara Bagdasarian, CEO and Co-Founder of ZeroNow. “Each innovation technology member that joins the conversation brings experience and ideas that move us closer to our goal of preventing harm caused by violence in our schools.”

Grav I.T. teams with a network of small businesses to support the end user’s Threat Program, with Risk Reviews, education and training, products, and access to grants/funding.

“Throughout the development of this system, we focused on saving seconds that could save lives,” said Grav I.T. Director of Sales and Business Development Kim Marsh. “Our solutions are modular and customizable to supplement our clients’ Active Threat Programs. At Grav I.T., we are passionate about making sure that security education, reporting and training are a part of every conversation to help schools and other facilities reach zero right now.”

ZeroNow was founded by technology partners Additional, Axis Communications, Johnson Controls, and Omnilert, along with campus safety nonprofit partners the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), NASPA (the Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), Campus Safety Magazine, and VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

About ZeroNow
ZeroNow is the movement by the safety community to end harmful events in our schools. As a member-based non-profit, ZeroNow facilitates collaboration between industry, association, and education partners to foster new solutions to keep our campuses safe and secure.

ZeroNow brings safety assets and education safety leaders together to establish the standards for campus safety technology. We drive a unified voice to educate policymakers on the need for increased investment in school safety. For more information, please visit ZeroNow.org.

About Grav I.T. LLC
Grav I.T. LLC is a family-owned and operated company based in Gravette, Arkansas. Founded in 2018, Grav I.T. works to bring new, innovative solutions to ominous problems in today’s society. The A.S.R.S. system received the Campus & Life "Secure Campus 2019 Award" for Intrusion Systems/Panic Systems and Lockdown and Physical Security. To find out more about Grav I.T. and its family of devices, visit our website.

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