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Johnson Controls Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Make Schools Safer

ZeroNow, the industry alliance formed to drive ideas, innovation, and investment to advance school safety, has announced a new partnership with Johnson Controls. The two organizations share the goal of proactively preventing harm through collective impact to establish a higher level of safety in schools and universities.

“Johnson Controls is a leader in preventing unauthorized access to campuses by implementing security solutions,” said ZeroNow Founder and Board President Ara Bagdasarian. “By joining forces with the technology companies, campus law enforcement, school administrators and individuals who make up the ZeroNow alliance, we can take the discussion on school safety to a new level. And that puts us closer to our mutual mission of creating a safe haven for learning.”

Johnson Controls has done groundbreaking work to address K-12 security concerns with innovative products and services focused on what is necessary to make people, facilities and assets safe. These include a range of products, from access controls to intruder prevention, from video surveillance to cybersecurity.

“As a company, we are solidly committed to the development of technology that helps ensure students have a safe place to learn and grow,” said Martin Renkis, VP Technology Architecture Global ACVS at Johnson Controls. “Evaluating the most common security issues can help reduce risks for staff, students and parents. Working with this diverse group of technologists, educators and law enforcement will give us the perspectives we need to propel us forward toward safer schools.”

ZeroNow was founded by technology partners Additional, Axis Communications, Johnson Controls, Omnilert and Telos Corporation, along with campus safety nonprofit partners the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), NASPA (the Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), Campus Safety Magazine, and VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

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