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Kokomo24/7® Joins ZeroNow Alliance to Make Schools Safer

ZeroNow, the alliance of diverse stakeholders with the shared goal of making schools safer, announced today that Kokomo24/7® has joined its ranks as a member.

As the creator of a software suite that addresses multiple school safety issues, Kokomo24/7’s membership in ZeroNow further broadens the scope and representation of the technology companies, education safety leaders, non-profit organizations and individual members working to make campuses more secure.

“I’m excited to welcome Kokomo24/7 to the ZeroNow alliance,” said ZeroNow Founder and Board President Ara Bagdasarian. “The strides they have made toward real-time tracking and assessment will speed schools’ ability to mitigate dangerous situations. ZeroNow’s success depends on collaboration between members with diverse areas of expertise.”

Representing Kokomo24/7 to the ZeroNow alliance will be Daniel J. Lee, Kokomo24/7 Founder and CEO. “It breaks my heart to see schools and communities experiencing such overwhelming tragedy,” said Lee. “The primary reason behind starting Kokomo24/7 Safety Cloud™ in 2018 was to help provide schools, workplaces, and communities with the resources to create a safer environment. I joined ZeroNow because I needed to take action to help ensure that tragedy is not just part of the new norm.”

ZeroNow was founded by technology partners Additional, Axis Communications, Johnson Controls, Omnilert and Telos Corporation, along with campus safety nonprofit partners the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), NASPA (the Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), Campus Safety Magazine, and VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

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