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Nonprofit Protect Students Abroad Joins ZeroNow

ZeroNow, the industry alliance formed to drive ideas, innovation, and investment to advance school safety, announced a new partnership with the nonprofit organization Protect Students Abroad (PSA). PSA lobbies for state and federal transparency legislation and educates students, families, institutions of higher education, study abroad programs and legislators on the science of safety when traveling overseas.

“PSA brings important new perspectives to the conversation,” said ZeroNow Founder and Board President Ara Bagdasarian. “Its vital advocacy work complements the efforts of the ZeroNow alliance of educational institutions, technology innovators, nonprofits and individuals committed to safeguarding our students and schools.”

The goal of Protect Students Abroad (PSA) is evidence-based fatality and injury prevention strategies through the comprehensive collection and transparent reporting of student safety data (deaths and injuries). Using the internet and word-of-mouth, PSA has spent the past decade building an informal database of student injuries and deaths abroad. To highlight the need for better information, this information is then published on the PSA website.

“PSA represents parents of deceased study abroad students and student survivors,” said Elizabeth Brenner, Co-Founder of PSA. “Joining the ZeroNow alliance will help expand our resources with the shared goal to keep all of our children as students safe.”

ZeroNow was founded by technology partners Additional, Axis Communications, Johnson Controls, Omnilert and Telos Corporation, along with campus safety nonprofit partners the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), NASPA (the Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), Campus Safety Magazine, and VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

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