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Safety pioneers join forces to make campuses secure

ZeroNow is founded by Axis Communications, Telos Corporation, Omnilert, IACLEA, VTV Family Outreach Foundation, and Additional to drive innovation in campus safety.

July 21, 2021, Washington DC.

ZeroNow, the new industry alliance driving innovation in campus safety, is launching today from the Campus Safety Conference in San Antonio, TX. ZeroNow is formed by technology leaders Axis Communications, Telos Corporation, and Omnilert, along with campus safety nonprofit partners International Association of Campus Law Enforcement (IACLEA), and VTV Family Outreach Foundation, as well as the design studio Additional.

“As pioneers and creators of school safety technology and programs, we have the responsibility to work towards finding new ways to keep our schools safe, more quickly mitigate the scope of harm and ultimately safeguard our most valuable assets,” said founder Ara Bagdasarian. “Through alliance we have the potential to align around one bold and simple goal -- to come together to achieve zero (harm).”

The new stakeholder organization is charged with the mission of safeguarding campuses through collaboration, innovation, establishing standards, and increased funding for safety programs. 

ZeroNow will be driving the dialogue on safety issues and best practices through programs where students and safety leaders discuss solutions for safer campuses. The student-led interviews will be supplemented by monthly live panel discussions with education safety leaders. 

VTV Family Outreach Foundation President Joe Samaha adds “This is the campus safety stakeholders  working together towards collective impact.  We are taking a holistic approach to safety and amplifying the work of each partner organization towards our common objective, to promote nationwide a culture of safer schools.”

ZeroNow will facilitate regional roundtable discussions with education safety leaders to understand their challenges and seek innovative solutions to address them.  In addition to roundtables, new programs will be launched to create a collaborative environment for industry and education partners to build, test, and improve new safety innovations.

Campuses, schools and the public can access resources provided by Zero as this site continues to grow.

Zero is organized as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

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