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WEBINAR: Cyber Risks for Security Infrastructure

In this roundtable, experts discuss vulnerabilities is physical security infrastructure in the age of connected devices.

DATE: Tuesday, January 17, 2023
COST:  Free



photo of Antoinette King

Antoinette King

Founder @Credo Cyber Consulting

Antoinette King, PSP has 21 years of experience in the security industry holding roles including Engineered Systems Specialist, Operations Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Key Account Manager. Antoinette founded Credo Cyber Consulting in 2020 with the goal of providing her clients a holistic perspective on security, bridging the gap between the physical and cybersecurity domains focusing on data privacy and protection.

photo of Elisa Mula

Elisa Mula

Owner @EM Designs, LLC

Elisa Mula formed EM Designs, LLC in 2004 to achieve her vision of creating a consulting business and to pioneer efforts that would challenge existing paradigms in business management. Focused on an industry in which she had extensive education and years of experience – Ms. Mula was able to leverage her expertise for the benefit of EMD specifically and her overall professional goals. Physical Security is one to which Ms. Mula has dedicated more than a decade of her life, developed an unparalleled network of professional colleagues, and demonstrated an unrelenting work ethic. During her immersion in the Physical Security industry, Ms. Mula worked on the manufacturing, integration, and consulting aspects of the industry, while simultaneously securing her Masters’ Degree in Protection Management from John Jay College. Her depth of experience allowed her to develop her practice with both public and private sector security professionals.

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