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WEBINAR: Lessons Learned from Uvalde

Education Safety Leaders are invited to join school safety leaders and active shooter experts in a special live session regarding the lessons we can learn from the Uvalde tragedy. Learn ways we can improve school safety - today.

AIR DATE: Tuesday, August 16, 2022
COST:  Free

Watch the webinar and receive the Key Takeaways document.


photo of Brandon Rhone

Brandon Rhone

Director of Training @Navigate360

Brandon Rhone is an award-winning veteran law enforcement executive and one of the nation’s highly respected school safety and violent critical incident/active shooter experts. Recognized as a leader in policing and public safety initiatives Brandon has experience advising some of the highest-level leaders of corporate executives and educational leaders across the county. Brandon has trained tens of thousands of individuals in proactive option base responses to Violent Critical Incident/Active Shooter ALICE Training. With extensive experience in small to medium-sized safety business Brandon currently serves as the Director of Training for Navigate360. As Director, Brandon is responsible for all training components related to Navigate360's ALICE & National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) behavioral threat assessment solutions.

photo of Guy Grace

Guy Grace

Chairman of the Advisory Committee @Partner Alliance for Safer Schools

Guy has worked in the security field for 35 years. He served for over three decades as the Director of Security and Emergency planning for Littleton Public Schools, a suburb of Denver, Colorado before retiring in August 2020. Guy was recognized as the 2020 Campus Safety Director of the Year https://www.campussafetymagazine.com/news/k-12-director-of-the-year-school-security-pioneer-transforms-emergency-preparedness-response-at-lps/ for his work at Littleton Public Schools. Guy is also the recipient of many other national and security industry awards and recognitions. Guy is a regular speaker at school safety trade conferences and a regular security media commentator for various trade magazines and media. He has diverse hands-on experiences in school safety regarding technology, processes and emergency response. He also serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Partner Alliance for Safer Schools.

photo of Chris Grollnek

Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Expert @Active Shooter Prevention Project

Chris Grollnek is an award-winning former police investigator and one of the nation’s highly respected policy experts in the prevention of domestic terrorism. Recognized as a police and public safety initiative leader, Chris has experience advising the highest levels of government and corporate executives. Chris is now recognized as one of the nation’s most sought professionals in the Active Shooter Prevention field and is considered the legacy expert. He has appeared on numerous national television networks, including FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, and continues syndicated radio broadcast programs. In 2022, Chris helped found and serves on the leadership board of a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of domestic terrorism, The First Preventers. Chris also serves on the Advisory Council for ZeroNow, a non-profit founded with the goal of ending school violence.

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