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WEBINAR: The Future of Campus Law Enforcement

Education Safety leaders will learn about the latest advancements and outlook for security camera technology from leading industry visionaries.Education Safety Leaders are invited to join Benjamin Hunter Associate VP and Superintendent for Public Safety at Indiana University, Lewis Eakins, PhD,VP for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness at Ivy Tech Community College, and Jason Friedberg Former chief of police at Bucknell University in a special live session regarding the future of campus law enforcement.

This special webinar will be recorded live at the IACLEA Conference in Las Vegas, NV

AIR DATE: Tuesday, July 19, 2022
COST:  Free

Watch the webinar and receive the Key Takeaways document.


Jason Friedberg

Commercial Lead for Cities & Public Sector @Gentec

Jason Friedberg has almost 30 years of law enforcement and security experience, including Chief of Police at Bucknell University. Jason Friedberg is an established expert in the realm of public safety and security. He previously served as a police chief, sheriff’s deputy, search & rescue team officer and emergency manager. During his tenure in active law enforcement he presented nationally on topics such as security technology, campus arming, risk management and town/gown relations. Jason served as chair of the Security/Technology Committee for IACLEA, on the executive board for the Department of Homeland Security’s North Central Joint Terrorist Taskforce (NCJTTF) on the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition (LCSC) and remains an advisor for the VTV-FOF. After retiring from law enforcement, Jason spent the past 9 years working in the security technology field and joined Genetec as the Commercial Lead for Cities & Public Sector 2017. Jason still resides with his family in Lewisburg, PA.

Benjamin Hunter

Associate Vice President and Superintendent for Public Safety @Indiana University

As member of the senior staff in the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs, Hunter oversees and advises university leadership on strategy, policy, and execution for a variety of areas designed to maintain an appropriate level of assurance in university operations and activities: emergency preparedness and response, administrative and academic continuity, policing and community safety, homeland security, emergency communications, university event management, and environmental health and safety. As superintendent, he is responsible for comprehensive strategy, policy and practices for public safety across Indiana University, including the Indiana University Police Department, which has more than 135 sworn officers across all IU campuses. He also is responsible for the Indiana University Police Academy.

photo of Lewis A. Eakins, PhD, CPP

Lewis A. Eakins, PhD, CPP

Vice President for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness @Ivy Tech Community College

Lewis A. Eakins, PhD, CPP has over 40 years of law enforcement, security consulting, and emergency management experience. He is currently the Vice President for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. He was formerly the Chief Security Officer & Director of Public Safety at Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID; the Chief of Police at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL; a Captain with the METRO Transit Police in Houston, TX; and the Assistant Chief of Police at Texas Southern University, also in Houston, TX. Since 2017, Lewis has trained over 1200 campus police and public safety officers regarding the implications of implicit bias, gender bias, microaggressions, and cultural awareness.

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